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10 Needed Steps In Comparing Obama Care Plans

Obama Care has now arrived and for the millions of Americans without health coverage the news could not be any better. Everyone must have a health insurance plan in place to avoid penalties, so what better time to get started than right now? Before you start, there are a few […]


Obamacare Rules for Special Enrollment

SEP is a common term in the world of Medicare, but now it also belongs to the individual and family insurance markets. SEP stands for Special Enrollment Period. Once Open Enrollment is over, applicants must have a SEP to enroll in health insurance coverage. Here is a listing of the SEPs: […]


Compare Ohio Medicare or Individual Health Insurance

Ohio Medicare or individual health insurance is a necessity for everyone. Even those who currently have no health problems and feel their absolute best still need health insurance. It could be in the blink of an eye that a health ailment causes dismay in your life. If you are not […]