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Health Care Reform Implementation Update

Sept. 23, 2010, marked the six-month anniversary of the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. There has been a lot of news coverage on this milestone during the past few days and it is likely that more will follow. Certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act are effective starting with […]


Health Insurance Quotes for Children Don’t Exist

All insurance carriers are halting sales of individual health insurance for children policies based on confusion over a federal reform provision that takes effect today. The health insurance reform act that was passed in March requires that policies starting now or in the future cannot exclude, limit, or deny medical […]


Losing Cobra or Group health insurance coverage?

Are you going to be losing your cobra or group health insurance coverage? Many people today are losing their cobra coverage as the government extensions and subsidies are finally going away. To make things worse, with the new health care reform laws, employers are cutting coverage benefits as well. Some […]