Affordable Health Insurance for Nurses and Nursing Students

Health Insurance fo NursesThere are a variety of health insurance plans available for nurses. It is not uncommon for hospitals or other medical facilities to pay nurses a much higher salary if they provide their own medical coverage. Furthermore, some medical institutions contract self-employed nurses to assist with patients. We are glad to tell you that most of the time nurses can work with an agent and compare comprehensive health insurance plans and find ways to have far better benefits for far less money. This allows nurses to earn a great deal more money. While most nurses can buy private insurance, not all nurses can get approved for private health coverage. Some nurses are considered high risk by health insurance companies because they have been exposed to various diseases such as hepatitis or they have some other health concerns. For these applicants they may see a large increase in premium or even be declined coverage.

Health Insurance Associations for Nurses

Some organizations such as Nurses Service Organization (NSO), American Society of Registered Nurses (ASRN / Affinity) offer pricey memberships to join associations in hopes of finding better rates on health insurance, but Easy To Insure Me provides nurses with the lowest possible quotes on health insurance, a variety of life insurance policies, short and long term disability insurance plans, and many other supplemental policies. The good news is that nurses who provide their own health insurance coverage can open Health Savings Accounts and can save pre-taxed dollars on their health expenses. Also it is important to know that all self-employed nurses can utilize line 29 of their 1040 and claim a self-employed health insurance deduction.

By contacting us directly at 877-991-4249 we can provide nurses with the guidance they need to obtain medical insurance. If you are eager to get a quote you can enter your date of birth and zip code at the top of the page and you will get an instant online quote.

Types of Health Insurance for Nurses

PPO Health Insurance for Nursing StudentsMany types of health insurance are available to nurses. Plan types include a PPO plan, HSA, Student Health Insurance, Limited Benefit Plans, International Medical Insurance, Long Term Care, Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance and Prescription Drug Plans. Let’s explore these options first.

PPO Plan: Also known as a Preferred Provider Plan, this plan offers discounts on health care if you visit doctors, clinics, specialists and hospitals that are on their list of preferred providers.

HSA’s: Health Savings Accounts are also available to in all states. They offer nurses the ability to save a portion of their pre-tax dollars to help pay for medical care. In turn the money funded in to the account is written off one’s taxes. It is similar to a 401K but is designed to be used for health expenses.

Limited Benefit Plans: These plans offer discounts for health care when it is needed. These plans are limited in their coverage amounts. These plans for the most part are only good for secondary insurance and should not be thought of as a comprehensive health plan.

Student Health Insurance Plans: Student Health Insurance is available for those who are studying to work in the health profession. Usually, a student nurse can get a major medical policy for under $100 a month.

International Medical Insurance Plans: This insurance plan is specifically for those who are traveling, whether they are traveling to the United States to become a nurse or if they are traveling internationally to study or practice nursing. Please call us directly at 877-991-4249 so we can explain your options.

Information Registered Nurses should know about Health Insurance

For nurses who are new to the industry, and prefer comprehensive benefits, you should contact us about a short or long term disability insurance policy as well. Many of these policies have guaranteed fixed rates will never change. We have worked with many young nurses who have policies from decades ago that are locked in at a fixed rate. This is not only an investment into your future but a preservation of your wages should you become sick or injured.

If you are studying or working abroad, or coming to the United States to practice of study nursing, we do have access to worldwide health insurance plans that are available for traveling nurses. These policies not only provide traditional medical coverage, but also provide evacuation coverage, which would help you get back to the United States if you became very ill. Please remember a normal US policy will NOT cover you when you are outside of the United States.

We also offer dental insurance for nurses as well. Most dental policies are around $25 a month, and cover routine cleanings, x-rays, and exams at 100%. The plans also cover 50%-80% on other dental work as well.

Some nurses also opt for accidental benefits, so if the nurse is injured or calls the plan covers 100% and the injured nurse does not have to pay any out of pocket costs. By calling us directly we can review these options with you.

Some popular health plans available for nurses in search of insurance

Affordable Nursing Student Health Insurance PlansPPO coverage through private insurers: Preferred Provider Plan offers discounts on medical care if you see the doctors on the preferred provider list. This includes discounts for hospital stays, various clinics and specialists. Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, HumanaOne, and National General are the best selling PPO policies for nurses.

HMO’s: The Health Maintenance Organization offers nurses a choice of doctors, clinics and hospitals but the payment is a flat fee each month for medical care whether or not it is used. Kaiser in California is one of the largest HMO organizations in the United States. The HMO is not a very popular plan for nurses. Nurses sometime have to relocate and these plans can be complicated and require referrals and can make life very difficult on a busy nurse who may have 16 hour shifts.

Indemnity Insurance: Members pay for a service policy, they pay out of pocket for all medical expenses and are then reimbursed either partly or for all of their medical expenses. These plans are often times offered through associations, and these are NOT good plans. We have heard horror stories of an injured person getting a $20,000 hospital bill and the plan only covering $2,000.

POS: Point of Service means that members pay discounted fees for visiting a doctor listed in the network and more for doctors and health care providers that are not in the network. The POS is very popular it is very similar to a PPO and has huge networks of doctors who accept the health insurance. Humana One currently has many plans like this in Florida, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has many plans like this in the Atlanta area.

Of course the most common companies providing health insurance for nurses are independent insurance companies such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Assurant, Cigna, Golden Rule Insurance Company, Humana One, and National General all of which you can get any online quote by entering your information in the form at the top of this page. Nurses who have pre-existing conditions can also check for health insurance coverage offered by their resident state, but these plans are very expensive.

Nursing Student Health Insurance

Once again some colleges and universities do offer their own coverage for nursing students. It is usually VERY expensive to get insurance through the institution. We find many nursing students can get qualified coverage with us for well under $100 a month and some basic plans as low as $50-$60 per a month.

Because nurses are at risk of infectious diseases, back injuries, chemical and x-ray exposure, and work in high stress environments, health care insurance coverage is a must. These occupational hazards are a concern for all members of health care profession. Many nurses have individual contracts that clearly state they must always hold a major medical policy in order to honor the agreement.

If you are a nurse or medical professional and would like free consultation and guidance on choosing a health insurance policy, call us directly at 877-305-9083. We will be glad to review your unique situation and find the best options. It is no cost to work with us and we have NO memberships or associations dues. We work with a great number of self-employed or contracted nurses, and every day we work with more and more nurses who cannot afford their work coverage so come to us to find reasonable rates. All the plans we quote are the lowest rates approved by the department of insurance. We love helping nurses find affordable health insurance.

Comments and Reviews from Nurses we have helped

Private Nurse Health Insurance ReviewI’m a nursing student at The Ohio State University. I have around a 3.5 GPA and when I went to get health insurance the program wanted me to pay close to $2200 per a year. I am also a single mom and I watch my money very carefully. My child is covered under the ex-husband’s health insurance, but I have to pay for my own. I worked with EasyToInsureMe and I definitely will work with them FOREVER. I’m not an idiot but I found shopping for health insurance to be an exhausting and dramatic experience until I got referred. I volunteer at the OSU Medical Center and one of the head nurse referred me to EasyToInsureMe. She said her experience was “easy and she saved $180 a month” (she is older and was paying like $500). Anyway, I now have a plan with UnitedHealthOne and am only paying $68 a month. Yes, it is a basic high deductible plan, but honestly it sure beats the $200 a month my program wanted me to pay. The saddest part is I did an internship last summer and was paying like $160 a month and never used it.

Long story short everyone at EasyToInsureMe has lots of experience when it comes to health care insurance options. I have fine coverage and I am saving $100 a month. While I’m in school this is a huge cost savings.

Pamela G, Cleveland, Ohio

19 thoughts on “Affordable Health Insurance for Nurses and Nursing Students”

  1. I am a traveling nurse. I am considering to pay for my own health / medical / dental insurance

    Please provide me with information and options available

  2. This was really good. I was able to get next day coverage and it is going to save me about $250 a month. I am a bit on the older end for being a nursing student. The Obamacare plans were nearly $500 a month which is absurd. So now I got a policy hear for around $220. And I had a good talk with Michael and he really helped explain things, then I called him back and we reviewed it all again and got me signed up.

  3. i am a travel nurse. Looking to pay for my own health insurance. I’m often switching from Agency’s and it is a pain to keep switching insurance company’s as well. Can I please get some info?

  4. I am a lpn working part time, taking online classes for RN. I need good health coverage and help with prescriptions.

  5. I am a nurse who is considering paying for my own insurance which will include my husband and 3 children. Please advise. Thanks

  6. I am a nurse who is considering paying for my own insurance which will include my husband and 3 children, also with dental and eye. Please advise. Thanks

  7. I am a Registered nurse that works full time at a hospital but I am changing to PRN to homeschool my son and will loose my health insurance benefits. I am looking for affordable health & dental insurance for my family.

  8. I am RN working casual/pen at two different places, so my hours vary. Do I have to work a certain number of hours to qualify for health insurance? Also, is this only coverage for self or can you insure spouse and child? Please let me know so that I can decide the best way to go from here. Thank you

    1. HI, so employer coverage requires minimal hours. We do not offer employer coverage, our plans our private independent plans, or plans through the Affordable Care Act, ACA. Usually a 5 minute call and we will know if we can assist you. Feel free to call us at 877-991-4249.

  9. Hello,
    I have been a RN for 25 years now and I had been working with my employer for 8 months until I hurt my back off duty and ended up with a herniated disc. I was not able to work due to my injury and I was not eligible for FMLA so they were not able to hold my position; therefore, they let me go. Luckily I have STD/LTD benefits and I am currently utilizing them now. I continued my health insurance with United Healthcare via COBRA because I had already met my out of pocket deductible. My monthly COBRA payment for health insurance and dental is $615 and I received a letter the other day that the premium will increase to $740 per month beginning in January. There is no way that I can afford to do this as I am divorced/single and I only have my income, which is LTD with MetLife at the moment. I am only receiving 60% of my previously monthly income. I do not know what to do!! Can you please provide some guidance for me?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes, we have options to help you. Every case if different, we may be able to help you get further assistance with the Affordable Care Act. Please reach out to us.

  10. I currently work as a LPN doing private duty and neither agency I work for have insurance that is any good as I found out when I thought I had medical insurance through work when I went to the ER for a dislocated shoulder and now paying the whole visit myself
    I am looking for affordable insurance for myself that pays for doctor visits ER visits etc.

  11. I work as a contract nurse and am looking for health care coverage for myself and my husband. Do you provide policies to cover family?

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