Arizona Health Insurance Legislative Update

The Arizona Legislature convened its regular session in January. With the state facing a deficit of more than $4 billion in fiscal years 2010 and 2011, the budget overshadowed all other issues again this year. Lawmakers faced difficult decisions, including the elimination of critical state programs, in their effort to […]


Arizona Health Insurance Cuts Proposed in Budget

Arizona health insurance may be seeing deep cuts in 2010. The proposal will terminate an expected 42,000 jobs across the state and will incur a loss of federal funding up to $2.7 billion. The proposal by Jan Brewer will reduce the number of residents eligible for the Arizona Health Care […]


Arizona Health Insurance Financial Crisis

Governor Jan Brewer is facing almost the worst financial crisis in Arizona history. In looking to reduce budget spending for 2011 the Arizona health insurance program for kids ( Kids Care ) might be affected. The children’s Arizona health insurance program has currently stopped enrollment and if eliminated will reduce […]