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Affordable Healthcare Insurance

If you have excellent health insurance or no health insurance their may be ways to still save money on your out of pocket costs. If you do not need an ambulance and you can’t visit your primary doctor, consider going to an urgent care facility. Urgent care will give you quick access to a doctor without the high costs of emergency room […]


Health Care Costs Increase 7.3 Percent In 1 Year

Last week, Milliman released its annual Milliman Medical Index, and it shows that the average American family’s medical costs have doubled in less than nine years and increased 7.3 percent from 2010 to 2011. The results also show that hospital spending, which accounts for 48 percent of total health care […]


California Health Insurance Health Care Costs

The Assembly and Senate California Health Insurance Committees held a hearing last week examining why health care costs continue to escalate.  The hearing included testimony from health insurance policy experts, hospitals, doctors, medical groups, pharmaceutical companies, purchasers and health insurance plans. Aetna insurance worked with other insurers to brief legislators […]