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The Benefits of Health Insurance for Nurses

Nurses are invaluable to the health-care profession. This quality sets them aside as a special group of individuals. Without their care, concern, commitment, and dedication, the entire health industry may not be as productive as it is. For this reason, it is very important that nurses remain as healthy as […]


Does your Health Insurance Compare to our Comprehensive Plan?

At EasyToInsureMe 90% of the people we talk to have boring, old, outdated, over-priced, non-comprehensive health insurance policies. The largest reason for this is most people do not have a highly educated agent to compare their policy against newer options being offered in the marketplace. The average consumer purchases their policy over the […]


Aetna vs Blue Cross Blue Shield

There are several health insurance companies in America among them Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. These two companies are great competitors in the health industry and both have dependable plans. If you are wondering whether to choose an Aetna health insurance plan or Blue Cross health insurance plan, you […]