Does your Health Insurance Compare to our Comprehensive Plan?

At EasyToInsureMe 90% of the people we talk to have boring, old, outdated, over-priced, non-comprehensive health insurance policies. The largest reason for this is most people do not have a highly educated agent to compare their policy against newer options being offered in the marketplace. The average consumer purchases their policy over the phone and talks with an agent hired by the insurance company. This is a sure way to land a lousy policy, horrible customer support, and a blow to the monthly budget.

A common mistake made is people buy a health policy and keep it for a decade and end up aging out of the policy benefits they actually need. One of my favorite policies to re-write is a husband and wife in their 50’s who are paying an extra $300 a month to have maternity coverage. Or how about a twenty-two year old on a family plan, when the adult child could be split off and have twice the coverage for the same money. And there is the all time favorite “So you quit smoking a decade ago and you’re still paying 20% extra premium for smoking…” Needless to say, a huge portion of our society needs a new health insurance agent.

Last year I saved my average client around $1700 a year on their premium and majority of my policies sold had comprehensive coverage with dental, vision, critical illness, accident, disability, or life insurance. Many clients were able to drop their AFLAC policy and I was able to replace it with more than twice the coverage for the same rate (lesson 1: Don’t buy insurance from a duck).

By now you may be wanting to know what the process is and how you can save money on your health insurance and get comprehensive coverage?

  1. Be Nice. The average consumer in 2012 is angry and poor. The health insurance industry has seen a 50% reduction in agents due to pay cuts from health care reform. This means a well established top notch agent does not have to work with a mean person, nor do they have to work with the client who acts as though they are doing the agent a favor. Wrong. It is the other way around. If a good agent decides to work with you, then be thankful. You’re the lucky one. You just landed yourself an agent! Trust me I talk to over 50 people a day to find three clients I’d like to work with. Being nice goes a long way.
  2. Be honest. Lying to an agent is a waste of everyone’s time. When an agent asks a question, answer the best you can. This will allow the agent to navigate the minefield ahead.
  3. Have a budget. If there is one thing to learn from this article, have some kind of idea of what you can afford for health insurance. If you can only afford $100 then tell the agent, “I can only afford $100.”
  4. Prioritize. Only shop for health insurance when you have money available to sign up. If you are unemployed and have no money, do not shop for health insurance, you should be looking for a job. A person must have clear priorities in order to work with an excellent agent.
  5. Use your brain. Don’t ask your agent, “Why do I need health insurance.” That question is between you and your brain. Save the tough questions for your agent!

So, if you hate health insurance, and you hate trying to find a health insurance policy, maybe you’re working with the wrong person? Just an idea…


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