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Delaware Health Insurance Small Employers Legislation

Last week the legislature reconvened with the House Economic Development, Banking, Delaware Health Insurance, Commerce Committee taking action on legislation that would permit issuance of stop-loss coverage to small employers having no more than 50 employees. The bill was favorably voted out of committee and will be scheduled for a […]


Delaware Health Insurance Aetna

Delaware health insurance debate resumed last week on a bill that would prohibit health insurers from denying coverage for medically necessary procedures and tests. The bill was voted out of committee with the understanding that significant changes are needed before a full vote occurs. The Department of Insurance presented testimony […]


Health Insurance Reform State High Risk Pools

In the new health insurance reform law the states are permitted to create their own high risk pools, expand existing pools, or allow the federal government to create and administer the pools for them. The following states will operate their own pools: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, […]