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Golden Rule Insurance Company is a United Healthcare Company. Golden Rule offers family and individual health insurance products. With over sixty years of experience serving individuals and families, they provide high quality products, timely claims handling, and outstanding customer service. Short Term Medical, Fixed-Indemnity, Dental and Vision, are some of the most popular plans being offered.

Millions of customers have entrusted Golden Rule Insurance Company for their  health insurance needs. With their networks and plans, clients have easy access to high quality care from physicians and hospital across all fifty states.

Golden Rule Insurance

UnitedHealthOne Golden Rule Insurance CompanyGolden Rule Insurance is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best, and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

Golden Rule Insurance Company Plans

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Golden Rule Insurance Company Reviews

I am currently covered under a short term health insurance policy through Golden Rule / United Healthcare. This policy covers my husband, children and I. We live in Hudson, Ohio and are able to access a wide range of healthcare services using our coverage, though our coverage is NOT Affordable Care Act compliant. It’s NOT Obamacare, which I was told several times. We had no choice but to buy short term coverage so we could keep our doctors. We receive very good coverage and our biggest concern is to save money and have good coverage in the unlikely event that we would need to be in the hospital. I do wish that our insurance plan had a lower deductible but it’s a great plan for the price. And the deductible is still only $2500 and Obamacare wanted us to have a $13,000 coverage, and the Obamacare was more money. But really, I have no complaints about the policy and the access to the PPO network is the main reason we really wanted this plan. We want the right hospitals if someone ends up hospitalized.

The policy has some concerns, but we are saving around $9,000 a year by having this policy. Our insurance does not cover our annual exams. So I have to pay a reduced rate for GYN services in addition to my physical. I have to pay on my kids well child checkups and any immunization shots that are needed, but I’ve found these are not too expensive as after age 2 or so there are not many vaccinations. And my husband seldom goes to the doctor, but I will pay around $500 or so this year for preventive coverage. It is also easy for us to receive prescriptions at a very good cost with our coverage. We often only need to pay a few dollar fee for prescriptions. A copay is not part of this plan. Essentially, I pay the reduced rate provided by the PPO. But even a pediatrician visit is only around $60-$70, which is the same as  it would be on the Obama plan.

My last visit to the doctor was a good one. All of my insurance information was accurate and up to date without any type of problem. This made it very easy for me to check in for my appointment quickly and easily. I was then able to see my doctor, a dermatologist, to discuss a small procedure I needed done and it was all covered. Under the Obamacare plan that is $9,000 more, my dermatologist visit would NOT even be covered because the dermatologist is out of network. So my plan covered my visit without any problems.

 Also I must mention that we were happy that my husband had no rate increase on the premium though he is a bit heavy. I remember in the past he had to pay more money due to his weight.

I do not have any complaints about my coverage. My family is fortunate to receive such coverage at about $400 a month. There are so many individuals who have insurance companies that charge high premiums and offer very little coverage. I guess my complaint is with the IRS. My agent told me that the IRS will not deem my coverage as Obama approved (odd since much of it is better than Obamacare)! So my family will have to pay a tax penalty. The penalty will be close to $2500. But still when I subtract the $2500 from the $9,000 savings, I still get $6,500 savings.

Honestly, I am thankful for this coverage. The idea of spending and extra $500+ a month for healthcare just does NOT fit in our budget. We would have sell our car or get a part time job or something. My agent through EasyToInsureME asked me to write this review. She saved me so much money that I felt I should try to let others know about this process.