National General Health Insurance

National General Health Insurance

Products from National General Accident and Health Insurance

National General Accident and Health Insurance offers a number of products for a variety of situations. Regardless of whether insurance is needed on a short-term or long-term basis. Some products are designed to be temporary, while others are products consumers may keep for a lifetime. Here’s a summary of the products you can choose for NGAH.

National General Health Insurance Plans

The Short Term Medical product from National General are very popular product due to it’s affordability and access to Aetna Open Choice PPO network. Unforeseen medical problems can happen anytime. This could entail a visit to the hospital while in-between jobs, or simply a healthy person who wants a basic medical policy. Without medical insurance, a medical bill can easily lead to bankruptcy.

Short Term Medical gives you the flexibility to get the coverage you need, with the options you want, for the time that best suits you. With access to benefits and options that provide financial protection for the everyday and the unexpected, such as:

  • Doctor visits and preventive care
  • Emergency room and hospital stays
  • Pharmacy benefits and discount options

Together with network providers like Aetna®, and through partners like LIFE Association, our Short Term Medical plans can save you more on your health care; and help you keep your wallet, coverage, and wellness going strong.

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PPO Health Insurance for Nursing Students

National General Health Insurance uses Aetna Choice PPO. This means you get Aetna’s reduced rate on doctor visits and procedures and this money you spend goes toward your deductible. The same would be true for an ER visit. If you need to go to Urgent Care the plan has a $50 copay benefit. There’s flexibility in the deductibles offered. This allows shoppers to find coverage that fits the budget.

National General Short Term Medical Plan Benefits

Office visits for everyone. Office visit benefits come standard with all our plans and copay options are available.

Deductible waived on Urgent Care visits. You pay a $50 access fee and the rest applies to coinsurance.

Prescription drug options. Keep your costs low with a pharmacy discount card on all plans, or a $10 copay on generics with our Copay Enhanced plan.

Flexible coverage periods and solutions. Choose the coverage duration that best suits your needs, whether it’s 30 days, 12 months, 1 or 2 even up to 3 years!

Next day effective dates. Get the benefits you need for injuries and preventive care right away, with eligibility for sickness benefits after just 7 days.

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Gain flexibility and by purchasing multiple plans with one application or set up a renewable plan option. These solutions can extend coverage for up to 3 full years!

LIFE Association membership. This plan is brought to you through LIFE Association, a non- profit, members-only organization that provides you with lifestyle-related perks and discounts on everyday services, as well as additional health programs to help you save.

Short Term Medical coverage helps you get the health care coverage you need, when you need it. But, like other insurance plans, there are always out-of-pocket costs. Out-of-pocket costs include expenses you are responsible for like deductibles and coinsurance. Also, add one of our Supplemental Coverage plans to get the out-of-pocket protection you need from some costs not covered by your Short Term Medical plan. They’re affordable options that help you broaden your financial protection and keep more money in your pocket.

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National General Supplemental Plans

For shoppers looking for a product that has first dollar coverage, and a product that is less expensive on a monthly basis, supplemental products are very effective. Mostly these products are designed to help hedge off high deductibles, or to provide added coverage for accidental injuries, sudden sickness, cancer, or critical illness. It’s supplemental in that it aids you in paying for life changing events such as having an accident or getting a diagnosis for a serious long-term condition. You also have the advantage of going to whatever doctor you want. You’re never have to worry about being in a certain network.

Options under supplemental include “TrioMED” which gives you Accident, Cancer, and Critical Illness in one product. And there are three coverage levels within this plan as well. Generally, this plan covers accidents after a $250 deductible, and/or gives the insured a lump sum of money after a cancer or critical illness diagnosis, and also helps with dealing with the accidental death or dismemberment of someone in the household.

Other major coverage you can get here is the “Cancer and Heart/Stroke” coverage. This has different financial levels as well, and it provides monetary benefits when this happens so you can use it to cover costs. There’s several levels of flexibility in the coverage amount. This product is about getting money when you need it most. Self Employed shoppers really find value in the this product.

There’s also the Hospital Expense Protection option, which lets you keep ahead of potential fees related to hospital visits. This often a set cash benefit when it’s needed. Again, you can choose to use the benefits however you like. Finally, there’s AcciMed, which is for accident plans. It has the same flexibility as the other options, except related to accidents, specifically accidental death and dismemberment.

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National General Dental Insurance

NGAH also has a Dental PPO plan you can get as well. This helps cover things like a composite fillings, extractions, etc. The brochure shows an example how dental insurance can reduce the cost of a filling by around $130, depending on the situation. This includes cost reductions such as network discounts. The network allows access to lower costs and the insurance helps pay a % of the charge. Dental expenses in the US are one of the fastest growing expenses. Today in the US the average baby boomer spends over $1,000 a year on dental insurance.


A fixed-benefit model, or fixed indemnity, is a plan designed for benefits that are needed most. The idea is to have a fixed benefit amount for the most popular services. Such as hospital stay, ER visit, Xrays, etc. This is a plan that works well for those who don’t want to worry about copays or deductibles. So, under this approach, you get discounts under network providers. It also makes it so that you get what’s called “first-dollar” benefits, without having to pay deductible. Owning a no deductible plan is a good way to have money available instantly for medical bills.


You also obtain telemedicine through many National General health insurance plans, your agent can tell you more about this benefit. This product allows you to speak with doctors over the phone or Internet. There are many benefits to doing it this way. The first and most obvious thing about this advantage is that you may not be in a position where you can really get to a doctor, either because you are traveling, or you are a parent with sick kids. The benefits here also give you discounts on some vitamins and medications. This comes from a “L.I.F.E” membership. There’s no waiting period here, and you get what you need right away.

Telemedicine is useful in so many different situations, generally. If you had some question while you were traveling, you could potentially get a quick answer from your doctor or someone on your network. You could get prescriptions written as well, depending on the situation.

Medicare Supplement

This product is ideal for those who want to avoid the networks of Medicare Advantage and want top of the line coverage. The idea is to have a private policy cover what Medicare does NOT cover, this is called a Medicare Supplement Policy. It’s a way to add an extra layer of protection against the deductibles and co-insurance that Medicare requires you to pay. This potential cost can become astronomical in today’s hospitals. Heart surgery, cancer, stroke, hip replacement, many conditions can cost upwards of $100K for treatment…

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