United Health Dental Insurance Plan Overview

With United Health Dental plans, there’s a perfect fit for everyone; the bachelor, the growing family and everyone in between will find the perfect coverage with these affordable and comprehensive dental plans. There are four different levels of coverage perfect for every budget and dental need. An optional vision plan is a great addition to any plan. A bright smile and sharp vision are within anyone’s reach! See how Dental Insurance works.

Primary Dental Insurance is Lowcost Coverage

United Health’s Dental Primary plan is a great choice for those who have great teeth but want coverage for preventive care and basic dental work if necessary. With a maximum deductible of just $50 per person (up to $150 total), and just a $25 copay for preventive services. This plan will keep your great smile going without breaking the bank! The Dental Primary plan also offers the following benefits:

  • No waiting period for preventive care
  • 70% coverage for basic dental services after deductible
  • Discounts at out of network providers
  • Generous $1,000 annual maximum per calendar year

Bump it up with Primary Preferred Dental-care

The United Health Dental Primary Preferred plan is perfect if you have a great smile, but want peace of mind that major dental work is covered if the need arises. The Primary Preferred coverage offers all the same great benefits of the Primary plan but covers fifty percent all major dental services. More specifically, The Primary Preferred plan offers the following:

  • 50% coverage for major dental services after deductible
  • Coverage for major restorative services including oral surgery and fixed or removable appliances
  • Discounts at out of network providers
  • Generous $1,000 annual maximum per calendar year
  • 70% coverage for basic dental services after deductible
  • No waiting period for preventive care

Two exams per year are covered with preventive care and cover oral evaluation(s), routine cleanings with fluoride treatment (fluoride for under 16 years of age), and extra-oral radiography. Many other preventive services are also covered and are listed in the plan specific details.

Basic services include fillings, simple extractions, desensitizing injections such as nova cane and anesthesia. Many other basic services are covered and should be reviewed in the plan specific information. Basic services are applicable to all plan levels.

Major services include the following and are applicable to all plans except the Dental Primary plan which doesn’t cover major dental services:

  • Endodontics
  • Fixed or removable prosthetic
  • Major restorative services
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontics

Up Your Dental Insurance with United Health Premier Choice.

Dental Premier Choice is a great plan if you’re seeking coverage that provides a large network of providers to choose from. The Dental Premier Elite plan is for those who want the same coverage, but prefer to use an out of network dentist regularly. The coverage increases each year enrolled and offers a higher level of coverage for basic dental services, and a low annual deductible just like the primary plans. The Premier Choice and Premier Elite plans offer you these great benefits:

  • No waiting period or copay for preventive care
  • 80% coverage for basic dental services after deductible
  • Discounts at out of network providers
  • Generous $1,200 per person annual benefit the first year that increases $100 each year enrolled, up to the cap amount of $1,500 per person per year

Learn more about Senior Dental Insurance coverage.

United Health Vision Coverage is Sharp and Affordable

Vision plans are an optional benefit to save you even more, and are available to be added to all plans. United Health’s Vision Rider offers services for low in-network services, and reimburses up to a predetermined allowance for non-network providers. The plan is designed to cover basic vision costs, however substantial discounts are available for optional services such as Lasik vision correction. The plan provides the following coverage for in-network providers:

  • Eye exam every 12 months with $10 copay
  • Frames every 24 months with $25 copay
  • Single vision lenses with $25 copay
  • Bifocal lenses with $25 copay
  • Trifocal or Lenticular lenses with $25 copay
  • Contact lenses instead of eyeglasses with $25 copay

As with all dental and vision plans, levels of coverage and exact benefits, prices and terms are subject to plan specific details. It’s always best to refer to the plan details or contact the insurance provider with any questions you may have. The benefits provided with these UnitedHealthOne Dental and Vision plans are top notch and have a solution for everyone. Contact an agent now or get a quote right away!