About Us

Buying insurance can be complicated. The number one reason it is complicated is that many consumers cannot connect with an accountable agent. Accountability is a fleeting quality of businesses in America. Many businesses go as far as to outsource their customer support to people who do not speak our language and do not understand our customs. At EasyToInsureME we focus on accountability.

Here are some key points to understand.

  • Everyone that works with EasyToInsureME is a licensed health insurance agent.
  • All agents have a minimum of 5 year experience in the industry.
  • All agents are Authorized Independent Agents. This means the agent can offer a multitude of products, not just one company.

Most large organizations are reluctant to hire licensed agents. This is true of ALL major insurance companies. Most the people you speak with on the phone are deemed customer support or billing, they are not licensed insurance agents and do not understand the insurance industry. In our experience many of the consumers we speak with have never even spoken with a real licensed health insurance agent.

Our goal is to make purchasing insurance quick and easy.

If you have a question or need to reach us:



EasyToInsureME LLC
PO BOX 1062
Hudson, OH 44236