When you choose Aetna as your individual or family health insurance provider, you gain access to more than 721,000 health care services providers, including nearly 431,000 primary care and specialist physicians and 4,323 hospitals. The carrier provides you with easy to understand affordable HMO, PPO, and POS benefit options. The network of participating providers offers you a wide selection of physicians and hospitals. Because they offer a variety of premium payment options, you choose how much to spend. Thanks to Aetna’s easy to use web-based tools, you can get valuable health and benefits related information online or on your phone. This service helps you quickly locate network physicians and manage your account.

Aetna HMO Plans

Members access care through a participating Primary Care Physician. With these Aetna health insurance plans, members begin by selecting a PCP from a participating network of providers. A member selects a PCP who will coordinate their health care needs. Each covered member of the family may choose their own PCP. The HMO provides large provider networks, low out-of-pocket costs, and no claim forms. Members PCP coordinates their covered health care services. Fixed out-of-pocket costs for covered services. No lifetime dollar maximums. Referral is required for most specialist care

Aetna PPO Plans

With an Aetna health insurance PPO medical plan, you can visit any doctor or hospital you choose. (Your out-of-pocket costs will be lower if you select a provider from Aetna’s wide network of participating physicians and hospitals.) In addition, there are no claim forms to fill out when you visit a network provider, and no referrals are required to see a specialist.

Preventative and Hospital Care Plans

The Preventative and Hospital Care Plans are ideal for an individual and family that are primarily looking for affordability Aetna health insurance when selecting a coverage option. This plan provides inpatient hospital coverage coupled with limited benefits for outpatient surgery, skilled nursing or home health care charges in lieu of hospitalization. In addition, these plans provide coverage for preventive care including annual GYN exam, well child care, physical exams, and Aetna’s women’s preventive benefits. The deductible on the Preventative and Hospital Care Plan applies to most covered expenses. Aetna dental is also a great add on for excellent dental care.

Aetna Preventive Health for Women

With Aetna Advantage Plans for individuals and families, the following women’s health services are considered preventive and therefore generally covered at no cost share, when provided in-network. These benefits are a part of all the Aetna policies. Currently the best selling Aetna plans are the Value Plans which give the member 100% preventive coverage along with some additional office visits and drug coverage.

Aetna Women’s Preventive Health

  • Well woman exams (annual routine physical, annual routine GYN exam and prenatal visits)
  • Women’s Screenings for gestational diabetes
  • HPV: Human Papilloma testing
  • STD Counseling
  • HIV Counseling
  • Screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence
  • Breastfeeding support and directions
  • Contraceptive methods and practices
  • Free Birth Control

The Best Aetna Plans

With Aetna’s wide variety of plan offerings, it is difficult to point to one plan as the best option. Like most health insurance carriers, Aetna has a variety of plan in each state and a variety of pricing. Some states such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania have always been extraordinarily popular states for Aetna individual plans. However, most recently Florida is one of the new hot spots for Aetna. More can be learned about family Aetna insurance plans through this site.

Arizona is another popular state for Aetna as they have introduced Aetna Whole Health. Whole Health is a plan designed for people who want affordable coverage and primarily receive care in the Phoenix metro area.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a plan is the network availability. Currently, Aetna’s network consists of more than 600,000 doctors across the country. Retirees who winter in Arizona or Florida but live in the Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania particularly like Aetna as a provider. The large network services all these states and the retiree does not have to worry about finding a doctor that takes the insurance.

What are people saying about Aetna?

Aetna Insurance Company has an A+ rating with Standard and Poor’s, which is the best rating offered to any health insurance company. A.M. Best issues an A rating and Moody’s issues an A1 rating. Aetna has been in business since 1853 and has long protected its good name. You can read below in the comment section to learn what our customers have to say about Aetna.

Aetna Dental

With the Aetna Dental PPO Max insurance plan, participating dentists provide covered services at negotiated rates and may also provide discounts on non-covered services such as cosmetic tooth whitening and orthodontic care, so you generally pay less out of pocket. You also have the flexibility to visit a dentist who does not participate in the Aetna network, though you will not have access to negotiated fees. Note: Dental coverage is mostly available only if you purchase Aetna health insurance coverage. Discounts for non-covered services may not be available in all states. Aetna does offer some dental discount plans as well. These plans are not considered insurance though and offer very limited benefits.

How to get Aetna Insurance Quotes?

Health insurance quotes are delivered instantly to you online. Anyone with interest in learning about Aetna’s plans and rates, can simply fill out the quote form. This basic information is enough for us to show you instant online quotes for not only Aetna, but all health insurance companies in your state.

Our health insurance quotes come directly from Aetna and are approved by the department of insurance. All the quotes you see on this site are the lowest quotes available.

Aetna Open Access Plans

Aetna Open Access plans offer various deductibles and premiums. These are Aetna’s most expensive plans, but they feature more services and have low co-pays for doctor visits. The higher premium costs associated with the Open Access plan is balanced by the low deductible. Regular doctor’s visits or visits with specialists are unlimited. Patients can visit physicians as often as they need by only paying a copay. The copay fees vary when visiting a doctor, urgent care center, hospital, and emergency room. This means most standard and emergency visits are very affordable under the Aetna Open Access plans. Other care such as occupational therapy and home care are available for low rates after the deductible. Women can receive preventive care and contraception, and all maternity services are covered under this plan. This plan offers a deductible for brand name pharmacy services, but generic medication is not subject to deductible and is only a small copay. Overall, individuals who need more coverage will enjoy this plan because the high premium is worth the low deductible and many services offered are very inexpensive.

Aetna MC Open Access VALUE

Having health insurance offers far more protection than having no insurance at all. Many people would like to be particular about there plan selection, but really are just looking for a plan they can afford. The Aetna Open Access VALUE plan is the best plan for anyone on a strict budget, and it provides crucial services. The Aetna Value plans in Florida provide the lowest premiums and have more cost sharing options. This allows anyone with low finances to have access to routine services and physicals at a low cost. These plans have reasonable copays but often have very high deductibles. The Value deductibles are usually even higher than the Aetna High Deductible Plans, but the premiums are still the lowest option. The good news is depending on which plan you select the deductible can be waived for doctor’s and specialist’s visits. This plan does offer generic and brand name pharmacy services. These plans have 100% contraceptive coverage and do cover 100% on preventive exams, check-ups, well baby, PSA test, mammogram, OBGYN, and other women’s health services. Maternity coverage is provided on all plans.

Aetna High Deductible HSA Compatible

Not everyone in Florida can afford to pay high premiums every month. Many people also do not need the same level of coverage. For example young people or those without health concerns purchase an Aetna High Deductible plan. This plan lets individuals pay a low monthly rate but has higher deductibles. This provides some coverage for basic services and still offers protection during emergency situations despite the high deductible. These plans are compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA). The HSA offers tax benefits and very popular health insurance for the self-employed. Visits with doctors and specialists are unlimited and paid the reduced Aetna rate, but this plan does not have co-pays. The fees for services will vary and usually be more expensive than the Open Access or Value plans. However, the rates will be paid 100% after the deductible is paid. Those who pick the highest deductible options do not pay any percentage of many of the costs after the deductible is paid. Maternity care is covered 100% after deductible. This plan covers pharmacy at Aetna’s reduced rate. This is a great plan for people who do not need frequent care.

Aetna Preventive and Hospital Care

The Aetna Preventive and Hospital Care plan is the least expensive after the VALUE plan. It is another good option for those who do not expect to need frequent care but covers less than plans with high deductibles. This provides for preventative services and major medical. The deductible is fairly low, and the plan is compatible with an HSA account. Visits to doctors and specialists are not covered. Other services like complex imaging, x-rays, occupational therapy and more are also not included. Those who choose this plan are not expecting to need these services. This plan covers emergency room visits with a copay. Low costs for hospital visits and outpatient surgery are offered after the deductible is paid. Maternity care is only available if there are complications. Female members are most pleased with Aetna’s preventive health for women, as all traditional services are covered instantly at 100%. There are also limited pharmacy services. This plan is helpful for those that are healthy and want coverage in case an unforeseen event occurs. The Preventive and Hospital Plan is no longer sold, but some people may have a grandfathered version of this plan in place.