health insurance reform


Obama Care Health Insurance Proposal Includes Mandate

President Obama revealed his health insurance plan on Monday. The proposal includes an individual health insurance mandate for all Americans. Legal experts and Republicans say the provision is not constitutional. Currently, more than thirty states have passed legislation or are considering doing so to guard their residents against this mandate. […]


Michigan Health Insurance Doctor Shortage

Michigan health insurance has a statewide shortage of primary care doctors, particularly in Detroit and Michigan. To make matters worse, almost fifty percent say they will retire in 10 years or less.  The government has stepped in and is now reimbursing medical school loans for doctors willing to take positions […]


Huge California Health Insurance Increases from Anthem Blue Cross

The leading provider of California health insurance, Anthem Blue Cross is threatening a 39% premium hike on individual health insurance policies. This premium increase is catching a lot of intention. This includes the President, Congress, Senate, and of course California health insurance regulators. The government wants to know why such […]