Obama Care Health Insurance Proposal Includes Mandate

President Obama revealed his health insurance plan on Monday. The proposal includes an individual health insurance mandate for all Americans.

Legal experts and Republicans say the provision is not constitutional.
Currently, more than thirty states have passed legislation or are considering doing so to guard their residents against this mandate. They feel their residents should not be forced to buy individual health insurance under the Obama Care plan.

Penalties for not acquiring individual health insurance will either come in the form of a percentage of income or a flat dollar fee. The Obama Care proposal reduced flat fees but increased penalties on percentage of income. The penalty will rise and progress about one percent every year.

Citizens feel that if the government can force us to buy individual health insurance than we are losing our freedoms.  Furthermore, they also feel it means the government can do anything it wants to its citizens. The federal government has never before mandated their citizens to buy any good or service.

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