Archive for Day: March 11, 2010


Individual Health Insurance Pre Existing Conditions

Creditable coverage must be counted towards any pre existing condition exclusion in an individual health insurance policy. This means that when submitting your application you must put your prior coverage on the application. If you do so you will not have any waiting periods towards coverage of your pre existing […]


Health Insurance Freedom From Reform

Some state are already making laws to object to Obama Care and health care reform. 36 states in fact have proposed and are working on new laws to outlaw forcing their residents to be forced to buy health insurance. They would like to have an open market like the one […]


Buying Michigan Health Insurance Steps

How much you will have to pay for a Michigan health insurance policy depends largely on the  laws and regulations in the state. Michigan allows for underwriting, which makes carriers able to decline or approve an application. When switching plans you should consult a Michigan health insurance broker to see […]