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States Resisting Health Insurance Overhaul

ARIZONA: A bill that would require Arizona health insurance carriers to provide written claim reports to plan sponsors up to twice a year, upon request, has been favorably amended in the House to make compliance less onerous. Modeled after a Texas law enacted in 2007, the bill originally required the […]


Aetna Health Insurance Maryland Changes 2010

Aetna is implementing a rate action for Aetna health insurance plans for individual, family, and the self employed in Maryland health insurance. The new rates are effective July 1, 2010


US HHS grants $100 million

Health and Human Services granted $100 million in federal funds to Maine, Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, South Carolina, and Maryland. This will be completed over a five year period and will improve health care quality  for children enrolled in CHIP. The Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization […]