Pennsylvania Health Insurance Plans

Health America, Aetna, and Golden Rule are selected as the top 3 Pennsylvania health insurance plans based on industry research and customer satisfaction.

Based on an industry study comparing benefits, value and customer satisfaction has selected three of the best Pennsylvania health insurance plans.

Best Pennsylvania health insurance plan #1
Health America has ultimately taken the top spot in Pennsylvania. Listed as one of the top 20 plans by the Nation for Quality and Service on U.S. News & World Reports/NCQA “America’s Best Health Plans 2008-09” List. The reason for this is great coverage provided from Health America through their parent company Coventry Health Care. Health America offers a no deductible PPO plan in which, all healthcare services are covered by co pays and the cost is known to the consumer for each and every service.

Best Pennsylvania health insurance plan #2
Aetna ranks very high in the state and across the entire country. In offering so many different options there will always be an Aetna plan at an affordable premium. Aetna has plans for all ages at super low premiums. For example, in the age bracket of eighteen to twenty-eight a health care shopper can find a plan at EasyToInsureME for two dollars per day with full benefits. At a higher age bracket between ages forty and sixty Aetna’s prices cannot be beat in PA, offering the best health care plans in the area for a very affordable premium. Way less than any other provider in Pennsylvania.

Best Pennsylvania health insurance plan #3
Golden Rule now renamed United Health One and owned by United Healthcare takes the third spot. The reason this plan has jumped to third place is because it is very customizable. Deductibles range from five hundred to five thousand and coinsurances range from zero to thirty percent. Doctor co pays can either be twenty-five or thirty-five and many other options are available to the consumer. Making this the most customizable plan on the market today. If flexibility is in mind Golden Rule will definitely be the best option. What makes it even more appealing is the affordability and that United Healthcare is the largest off all the carriers in the United States.

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