Individual Health Insurance Value Plans

The number of Americans without some type of health insurance reaches all time record levels, individual health insurance providers respond by offering new “value plans” to consumers. offers affordable individual health insurance plans. The new affordable value plans are available nationwide. Many leading individual health insurance carriers now offer value plans and consumers have a wide variety of choices when it comes to affordable health care coverage. As the number of Americans without health insurance continues to rise, the new value plans offer a solution for many.

The new value plans offer consumers affordable health care with affordable benefits. The plans are identical to regular plans with one exception. The number of included doctor visits is limited with the value plans. The doctor visits limitation includes two anytime doctor visits and one annual exam per year. The affordable health plans still have all the same doctor co pays, emergency room co pays, and prescription co pays. The value plans have an extremely low premium, and the only limitation is the number of doctor visits.

EasyToInsureME was launched in 2005 to meet the needs of individuals shopping for affordable individual health insurance, and since has become a huge success. EasyToInsureME is a customer-focused company, which exceeds the competition by offering personalized services. Founder Chad Levin states, “Customers can instantly compare quotes from leading health insurance companies, find a plan that fits and save” and “An increasing number of customers are choosing individual health insurance plans over the traditional employer provided health plans”.

By visiting customers are able to quickly compare health insurance plans from leading providers side by side and find a health plan that matches their specific needs and budget. When compared to traditional employer provided health plans, individual health insurance can often offer flexibility, convenience, and value that is not always available in the employer provided health plans.

With EasyToInsureME, there are no complicated forms to fill out. Customers can get instant online health insurance quotes by simply visiting the website and entering a few details. Visitors who have requested an instant online health insurance quote will also receive an email from an EasyToInsureME licensed professional. The email includes an outlined comparison of the best health care plans available, health plans with the lowest rates and health plans with the best benefits. Customers can compare individual health insurance companies, benefits, and co pays, in an easy to understand format. The individual health value plans range in deductible, and these are offered by many leading health providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Celtic, Coventry, Golden Rule, Humana, and United Health One.
EasyToInsureME is a 100% customer focused company and staffed by fully licensed professionals dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. For a free quote visit or call 866-492-3905.

EasyToInsureME offers clients the easiest way to buy individual health insurance. Free services include instant online health insurance quotes, custom proposals for each client, free phone consultations, and 10-minute application by phone. Nobody does what we do for our clients!

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