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California Health Insurance Single Payer Bill

California health insurance : After a lengthy and heated debate, the California Senate last week passed a single-payer bill. As with past incarnations, the bill passed on a party-line vote. Previous attempts to advance single-payer legislation have been vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Supporters of the bill claim it would […]


California Health Insurance Receives Dental Coverage from Health Net

Studies have shown that poor dental health can lead to heart attacks, strokes, premature or low birthweight deliveries, diabetes complications and other serious medical conditions. Medi-Cal dental coverage in Los Angeles county will provide access to such essential services as routine cleanings, oral examinations and X-rays at no cost to […]


Keeping Healthy Kids afloat and California kids insured

Seven years ago, a group of Santa Cruz County leaders shared a vision. They wanted to provide California health insurance to every child in the county, regardless of immigration status or ability to pay. The program that grew out of that vision, called Healthy Kids, has proved an inspiring success […]