Walgreens Soon to Accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

walgreens blue cross blue shieldWalgreens and Walgreen owned stores such as Duane Reade and Happy Harry’s have now partnered with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and starting September 15th will participate as an in-network pharmacy. This will apply to Group, Individual, and Medicare clients who reside in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Per the member’s policy benefits, this advancement will allow members to simply pay their copay to receive medications. This relationship now provides an additional 60,000+ in-network pharmacies for member to access.

Once September 15th arrives member can simply take their medication bottle to Walgreens and the prescription can be transferred. Of course members can keep their current pharmacy, but many Americans may have a Walgreens pharmacy close to their home or work and may elect to switch to Walgreen pharmacy.

If you are currently uninsured or if your Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage is coming to an end, then you may want to get an online quote for Anthem health insurance. All Anthem BCBS plans have some type of drug coverage, but plan benefits can vary greatly. In today’s tough economy it is increasingly popular for individuals and self-employed to buy generic only drug coverage. On most student insurance plans it is extraordinarily popular as many young people take no prescriptions at all. Students can save an average of 10% a month by only purchasing generic drug coverage, with the huge amount of student loan debt, this is one way to help keep money in a students pocket.

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