Individual Health Insurance Plan Tips

Individual health insurance is not an easy thing to understand greatly because of the tremendous amount of health plan options that are out there.  The comparison between different companies and different types of individual health insurance plans is a challenge.  Most individuals just simply want basic private insurance.  The problem is that not everyone understands what that means.

Individuals think that the only thing that matters in individual health insurance is the deductible.  Sure, deductibles are very important, but looking further into the plans is necessary.  For example, is a $3500 deductible plan at 20% coinsurance better than a $5000 deductible plan at 0% coinsurance?  Ask that question to the normal individual and they will say yes.  The correct answer is sometimes.  The reason is, the 3500 plan in most situations has a higher out of pocket maximum, where the 5000 plan has the lower out of pocket maximum.  Sure some individuals  have the time to go read about it and figure it out for themselves, but the average person will just simply go with the lowest deductible.

The price for individual health insurance is not the most important thing.  Understanding the plan is.  If an individual health plan is a lot cheaper then all of the other compared plans there is always something wrong with it.  For example, Aetna insurance has what is called a value plan.  They are great, but you can only go see your doctor 5 times a year.  That may be fine for a lot of individuals , but what about a 50 year old.  Brokers are so important for these situations.  Aetna and most companies have this option, to spend less but also get less.  It is great, but people should know the difference.

Most individuals have a family doctor or someone in mind that they would like to see on a regular basis when purchasing individual health insurance.   The thing is most people think that their doctor will be in network no matter what, because they are purchasing a PPO plan where they can go wherever they would like to go.  The word “in- network” is very important, because it is the difference in being able to pay around $35 for a doctor’s visit or having to meet your deductible to see your regular doctor.  All the big insurance companies, Golden Rule, Aetna, Coventry, Humana, and Cigna all have a physician look up tool on their web pages.  So why not use them to your advantage.  I make sure that every one of my clients can use that free resource before they purchase an individual health insurance plan.  Imagine if a person is on vacation and they need to find a doctor fast, most people will panic. My clients will know that they can go to a computer and find an address and a number quicker than calling the back of their card.

Another place where individuals are getting taken advantage of are in the school plans.  Sure something is better than not having anything at all.  However, college kids aren’t reading into these policies and how much coverage they really have.  Some of these health plans only allow a person to use $50,000 at the hospital.  That’s just not enough.  Especially when you can purchase a health plan with unlimited coverage for the same price by getting individual health insurance though Easy To Insure ME.  It is very hard for people to understand why they should seek advice from a professional. This is the exact reason why they should.

Easy To Insure ME
Individual health insurance plans are similar in many ways, finding the right one is the challenge.  So when trying to find the best plan for you at the best price, seeking a professional is key. Finding a good broker is as easy as clicking the link to  All you will have to do is put in your basic information in the top right hand corner of the home page, and a professional will contact you within 24 hours. It is that easy.  Easy to insure me on the web.

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