Aetna Insurance Withdrawals From Colorado Health Insurance

Aetna insurance is withdrawing from Colorado individual health insurance market effective 2/1/11

Aetna health insurance no longer offers Aetna Advantage Plans for Individuals, Families and the Self Employed plans in Colorado health insurance.

Why is Aetna health insurance making this change?
After reviewing the Aetna portfolio of Individual health insurance plans in Colorado, Aetna insurance determined they can no longer meet the needs of the customers while remaining competitive in the individual health insurance market.

While this decision was not easy, a number of factors were considered before making this important decision. In keeping with the best interests of Aetna insurance customers, Aetna believes there are other insurers who can better meet their needs.

Impacting to existing members
Existing individual health insurance plans will receive one final renewal period. Depending on the plans’ renewal dates, some existing plans may not receive a full 12 month coverage period on renewal.

Plans with anniversary dates on or between February 1, 2011 and July 31, 2011

  • Will renew each plan for a further twelve (12) month period and coverage will cease at the end of the renewal period.
  • For example, if a plan’s anniversary date is on April 1, 2011, there will be one further renewal period of twelve months and coverage will end on March 31, 2012.

Plans with anniversary dates on or between August 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012

  • Will renew each plan until July 31, 2012. Effective August 1, 2012, all coverage under the plans will end.
  • For example, if a plan’s anniversary date is on September 1, 2011, the plan will receive one further renewal until July 31, 2012.

How will individual pre-65 members be notified of this change?

  • All existing Aetna insurance policyholders will be notified by mail on or about February 1, 2011.

While Aetna will continue to administer their individual health plan for at least another year, policyholders are strongly encouraged to seek alternative health insurance coverage prior to their policy termination date indicated above.

Aetna health insurance appreciates your understanding regarding this decision.

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