Student Health Insurance Quotes Reach All Time High

student health insuranceIf you are a college student and you buy your health insurance through your university, then most likely you are getting ripped off. The average student health insurance policy in the US is twice the rate they should be paying. Most parents and students simply check a box and add the university coverage to their application. Most of these policies range from $1800-$2400 a year. This rate is astronomical, unless you are a 40 year old college student or if you have a great deal of health concerns.

Families need to pay attention to what they are purchasing. With student loan debt about to hit $1,000,000,000 (one trillion dollars) later this year, students should not be paying $10,ooo for four years of health insurance. Right now Ohio State University is providing four and a half months of coverage for $1070. Most students should be paying $1070 for an entire years worth of coverage. The University of Michigan student health insurance plan is administered by Aetna and costs $2,813 for one year of coverage. Ironically, for under a $100 a month a Michigan student could buy an Aetna policy through

Is your Student Health Insurance Policy Major Medical Coverage?

Certainly the most alarming aspect of all this is that some of the policies offered at some colleges and universities are NOT even major medical coverage. Many of the Florida and Texas universities and colleges offer “health plans” and basic medical policies that focus on injury and sickness, not inpatient hospital coverage. These types of basic coverage will do very little to help a student who has a serious injury or severe illness like a ruptured appendix. This is yet another reason to stay away from these marginal plans being sold to students across the country. Some of the providers administering these plans are United Health Care and Aetna, but they are not offering their top of the line products, but rather a broken down version that the university or college feels is the best to offer.

Getting the Best Health Insurance for a Student is Easy!

The best way to get health insurance for a college student is easy.

  1. Run a Student Health Insurance Quote with
  2. Review the plans offered in your state.
  3. Pay attention to cost and think about your budget.
  4. If you are confused about benefits call us at 877-259-6186 it is free to get help from us!

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