Affordable Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance SmartSense Plus

anthem blue cross health insuranceSmartSense Plus by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers affordable health insurance with many plan options. The Blue Cross plan has a deductible range of $500-$10,000 with 70/30 coinsurance offered in most states and some states have 50/50 coinsurance. All the affordable plans include instant low office visit copay, three per a year, and when you compare SmartSense to other copay plans you’ll save 15-25%.

Smart Sense Plus offers affordable Anthem Blue Cross health insurance coverage with savings.

Tired of working one week a month to pay your health insurance. If you seldom go to the doctor and you are looking to have affordable Blue Cross health insurance at a low premium, this may be the best bet for your or your family. Here is a listing of the top selling states for SmartSense Plus:

SmartSense Plus provides affordable health insurance coverage without limits.

Benefits such as mental health, therapy services and skilled nursing have the same levels on SmartSense Plus as Premier Plus. These plans are built on the Anthem health insurance benefit framework that you have come to know and trust — without the surprises.

SmartSense Plus provides benefit levels without surprises.

First and foremost, no lifetime maximums – any amount Anthem Blue Cross health insurance has you covered. Secondly,preventive care covered at 100% with no limits and not subject to the plan deductible. And copays on office visits (first three) and drug coverage.

Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense Plus health insurance is not for everyone, but it is very popular in many markets. You healthy individuals like SmartSense for it’s low premiums. People in their 50’s like SmartSense for it’s basic coverage at a rate they can afford.

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