Americans Concerned About The Economy Not Health Insurance Reform

The American people prefer that the government shift their focus to the economy rather than health insurance reform according to new polls. With so many people unemployed, now many are becoming frustrated. Almost 16% of Americans are uninsured. It is possible for a family to live for many years without health insurance but this is very risky. The number one cause of bankruptcy is unpaid medical bills.

For even the most prepared families, they might have only a few months of savings if any at all.  A job loss takes a tremendous toll immediately on any individual or family and their savings.  The thought of not having health insurance brings worries, but not having food or a home is the main priority.

With the way the economy is we understand the dillemmas being brought forth, we deal with it everyday at Easy To Insure ME. The best thing to do is secure a very low cost health insurance plan just in case something terrible happens.

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