Individual Health Insurance Quotes at EasyToInsureMe.COM offers the necessary tools for individuals and families to shop online for health insurance quotes. By simply providing your zip code and date of birth shoppers can see online quotes from carriers such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, HumanaOne, and UnitedHealthOne., gives you convenient access to quality plans and information so you make the right choice in buying health insurance.

Once you see your quote you can categorize by deductible, Copay, health savings account, or short term coverage. Then you’ll be able to compare plans side-by-side, and apply for insurance online. If you are confused by health insurance you can call Toll Free: 877-259-6186 to speak with an agent. The agent can guide you to the best policy for your unique situation. This is especially helpful if you or a family member is taking medication or has a condition such as elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, or treatment for anxiety or depression. Best of all an agent will make sure your health insurance coverage is best coverage you can get for the premium you are willing to pay.

Remember: AGENTS work for you! Don’t make mistakes. Contact a licensed health insurance agent for the correct answers and advice you need to buy the best health insurance coverage.


Once we helped you submit your online application for coverage, we contact the health insurance company you’ve selected to speed up the approval process. Our assistance helps the underwriting process keep moving, so you get approved for coverage quickly. Even after you get your policy, we service our clients for years and years and help with all your future health insurance quotes. People who have been self-employed will know that having a health insurance agent makes it easy to shop your policy for new quotes. Even the best policy can see rate increases (usually after the policy reaches into its 3rd and 4th year). An agent can always keep you in tune with the best individual health insurance quotes.

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