Health Insurance Quotes Cobra Alternatives

Health insurance quotes should be the first option before signing on to Cobra. Many affordable health care options are available in each state as an alternative to an expensive Cobra plan.

Cobra is Expensive

Cobra insurance in most cases is an over priced health plan extended by a past employer. The employee does not recognize the full cost of being on a group plan until they receive Cobra. The cost of Cobra is usually higher than obtaining personal individual coverage after searching through health insurance quotes . This is because thousands of people are members of personal individual coverage, where as on a group plan through an employer there are only a few or maybe one hundred people on the plan. Therefore, because there is less risk you get a lower monthly premium on the individual health care plan.

How do I decide?

Deciding amongst the different health insurance quotes, plans, and carriers can be a daunting task. In addition, individual benefits are completely different than group employer benefits and Cobra. There are several carriers in each state with almost identical plans at very different costs. The best way to decide is to choose a target price and see what is available at that price. Or at EasyToInsureME when you get an online quote in seconds, licensed professionals will instantaneously send a custom proposal to your email showing four plans with the best benefits at the lowest cost available to you. The final decision will come down to a comparison of benefits and premiums being offered. The individual plans should come out on top because of the range of options available to the consumer. So adjustments can be made to make the coverage affordable, whereas on the Cobra plan there are not many options available. Want to see what is available, EasyToInsureME offers online health insurance quotes in seconds.

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