Health Insurance Reform For Slackers

The United States free market system is under a profound assault from President Obama.

President Barack Obama got his health insurance reform bill passed this week in Congress. Parents are now required to pay for unmarried kids’ health insurance until the age of 26. Younger adults will be enticed to continue slacking off with no job and very well past college graduation, with a degree. Everyone is questioning why the government is enticing and allowing a whole generation to be unemployed.

America is place where hard work is rewarded regardless of any social status or age. But should the U.S. government encourage young adults to be slackers? And should the federal government guarantee a 5 year “bum period” from responsibility after graduation for millions of college graduates? Obama’s health care bill is celebrated on the ski slopes and surf shacks of this country. In America, we are not supposed to reward citizens who don’t work hard.

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