Health Insurance Reform Bills Don’t Help USA

Days after the president Barack Obama signed his massive $2.5-trillion health insurance reform bill into law, we are just beginning to uncover the payoffs, exceptions and special interest deals that are hidden in the 2,700 pages of legislation.

The spirit thus far has been plagued with broken promises and corruption. The health insurance bill exempts top Congressional leaders from reform. This is completely counter to the promises of Democrats and Obama that the people would receive the same health insurance care as those in the U.S. government.

One of Obama’s main talking points is that his plan prevents health insurance carriers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Now the new law does not protect children from this outcome of being denied.

This is only the beginning, the attack on our liberties continues. The “fixer” bill to the takeover of health care by the goverment bill (H.R. 3590) just passed through Congress the other day and has been sent to the President. This is turning out to be the most devastating year for freedom that the people have had in a long time. In any other year, this bill would have been shot down and alone would qualify as the worst bill of the year beacuse of all its faults.

It raises taxes when they’re already scheduled to increases this year. Takes over the student loan industry with a replacement of private employees with government bureaucrats. It increases the no health insurance fine from $750 to $2,000 per employee for employers who do not provide coverage to all of their employees. None of this will make our health care system more secure or affordable for anyone.

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