Whats To Come In 2014 Health Insurance

health care 2014With the new health care coverage laws coming into effect in a year, many people are wondering what’s to come in 2014 health insurance changes. Health insurance coverage for many private and government programs are slated to have reforms in order to operate with the new national health care laws. If you are looking for information basic information on health care reform, you may want to watch the Obamacare video.

Sweeping Changes

Though health care reform began in 2012, the sweeping changes begin in 2014. One change will make looking for health care coverage simpler for all United States citizens. In 2014, each state in the Union will be required to have a health care marketplace for consumers to shop for insurance. Having a centralized online location will make finding necessary health coverage an easier task. After all having all citizens gain health coverage is the primary concern of this law, the online marketplace reinforces making health care coverage attainable.


Along with all other health care companies, Medicaid is slated to expand in 2014. Medicaid is the government run program that is used to offer health care coverage to those who fall at or below the federally set poverty line. Those who are at or below 138% of the federal poverty line will be eligible to apply for Medicaid insurance. The expansion is expected to affect over 10 million new individuals who can now gain coverage as a part of the Medicaid program. Medicaid expansion has been one of the most controversial parts of the new health care reform law. Due to a Supreme Court ruling in 2012, the expansion of the Medicaid program is being left up to the states, rather than the federal government. Some states are welcoming the expansion to help those below the poverty line gain the insurance that they need, while other states feel that the Medicaid program will be too much of a tax burden on the states. There are likely to be more fights over the Supreme Court ruling and many more lawsuits regarding Medicaid coverage for those states who decide to strike this portion of the law.

Everyone Will Receive Health Insurance

The most notable reform provision is that health care insurers must now offer coverage to all citizens. Whereas those with preexisting conditions were once able to be excluded from health coverage by companies, the health care act insures that those shopping around for insurance will be able to find it no matter their current state of health.  This particular part of the law is likely to have a major affect on the cost of premiums for health care. Prior to the new health care laws, those who had conditions that could equal costly medical bills could be excluded by an insurance company. Insurance companies are typically interested in mitigating costs of coverage, therefore this portion of the law is likely to cause an increase in overall premiums for everyone who will purchase health coverage in 2014. To find out more about health care coverage in 2014 and how your personal rates will be affected, get quotes for health care insurance for yourself and your family today.

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