The Ease Of Using EasyToInsureME

easytoinsuremeHealth insurance is something that many people are without simply due to the costs. It used to be nearly impossible for anyone with a pre-existing condition to obtain or afford health insurance. On January 1, 2014, insurance companies can no longer refuse you for having a pre-existing condition. Granted, the premium and deductible may be higher with some carriers, but you cannot be denied acceptance.

Comparing Benefits

There is a better way to compare benefits and obtain multiple quotes without visiting every carrier’s website individually. The ease of using EasyToInsureME is a time and stress saver. You are able to view the coverage options for multiple plans in one fell swoop along with viewing the monthly premium, deductibles and other crucial information that plays a part of your decision making.  After viewing the options, you can apply directly from the quote page with that specific company.

Local Plans

A benefit to this website is that you can select your home state from a drop down menu and obtain information about standards of care, how to get assistance in applying and other general information pertinent only to your state. Generalizations regarding healthcare are removed here, which makes searching for specifics on your own unnecessary. The stress reduction alone is enough reason to give EasyToInsureME a try.

Information Needed

The ease of using EasyToInsureME is sure to surprise you.  It takes just a couple of minutes to return results by collecting only a small amount of data including your name age, birthdate, phone number and a few other small details. You can get quotes for either individual or individual plus family plans.  The results are sorted by price from lowest to most expensive. You are able to view each plan’s details before committing to an application.

Instant Quotes

There is not a long waiting period to receive a quote or be contacted by an insurance company. Contact is generally made within a few minutes from only EasyToInsureME representatives. You are not bombarded or spammed for simply inquiring.  You are not pressured into buying; each provider understands that you have a budget to stay on and that you need a certain amount of coverage or other specific services to be included. Shopping around is made easier with EasyToInsureME. It is stress-free quote shopping with no obligation. You are likely to learn a bit more about the expectations in your state and the services available to help you obtain affordable coverage.

To find out more about obtaining health insurance, visit  directly. Whether it is just information that you need or you want to buy insurance, the information you need is all right here. If you have questions, you can contact a live agent directly by calling 1-866-492-3905.

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