Buying Individual Health Insurance

Buying individual health insurance can be made much easier using EasyToInsureME and we will explain why in the next paragraphs. Finding the right coverage for individuals and families can be a strenuous task. There are so many different carriers available and each of them have their own separate portfolio of medical plans to choose from. To make the decision even harder, each carrier has its own network of doctors. Therefore, all doctors do not participate with every carrier.

Making Shopping Easier

Buying individual health insurance on the EasyToInsureME site is very simple. When individuals and families get quotes on the site they will be provided with every carrier available in the U.S. and all the plans that come with them. This includes full brochures and documentation of each and every plan along with a search tool for participating doctors. To apply, an apply button is next to each plan and this will forward the shopper directly to the carrier’s website to submit an application. EasyToInsureME cannot view your private information it is secured with the carrier.

Helping You Decide

EasyToInsureME makes buying individual health insurance easier by creating a custom proposal of four plans with the best benefits at the lowest cost sent instantaneously to your email after you get quotes on our site. In actuality, licensed brokers are shopping every medical plan in the United States offered by every carrier and is hand picking the best deals available. No other online health care shopping site does this for visitors.

Live Personal Assistance

Furthermore, EasyToInsureME makes buying individual health insurance even easier by having licensed brokers available around the clock to review any plan available in the U.S. with you at any time. We know it is confusing and that is why we are here to help you find the best coverage available.

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