List of Michigan Health Insurance Companies by City

United Health One Michigan While Michigan has many of the best health insurance companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, and United Health One, here is a simple list of the three most popular cities in America to purchase United Health One Insurance. Yes! They are all in Michigan!

Grand Rapid Michigan Health Insurance chooses United Health One.

United Health One just announced that Grand Rapids Michigan is the number one place in the not only Michigan, but the entire United States to purchase United Health One insurance. An average family of four can get basic Michigan health insurance for under $200 a month with an average cost being around $350. Dental can be added for around $25 per a person, and vision is only $24 for the entire family.

It is odd that Grand Rapids, MI is called “Furniture City” because overall the people of Grand Rapids are not sitting around. Grand Rapids is healthy and AreaVibes lists Grand Rapids as one of the 13th best place to live out of 100 Michigan Cities. With affordable housing and many jobs in health care and manufacturing, a good solid living experience is to be had for residents of Grand Rapids. Former President Gerald Ford and wife Betty are probably very pleased with the booming city of 223,000.

East Lansing and Kalamazoo Health Insurance

Who know’s if it’s Bell’s Brewery or Lake Michigan, or maybe a combination of the two, but United Health One is also a top selling health insurance plan in these areas as well. With all the hundreds of American cities, one has to think, “What makes East Lansing and Kalamazoo Michigan buy United Health One?”

When we review our last policies sold, we see:

  • Kalamazoo United Health One 26 year old male $66 a month.
  • Kalamazoo United Health One Family of 4 $386 a month.
  • East Lansing United Health One Mother and Child $186 a month.

With these low rates it’s no wonder an individual or family shopping for health insurance would choose a national company, with a national provider list of over 800,000 doctors. Furthermore, with the many retirees who winter in Florida and Arizona, it is a great selection as they have full access to thousands of doctors for just a $35 copay. Also, Michigan College students have a huge list of plans to choose from to find affordable student health insurance for under $100 a month.

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