Humana One Offers Coverage In Health Insurance Exchange

Humana has long been in the business of managed care and is focused on moving into 2014 with huge participation in the state health insurance exchanges. Humana currently insures more than five million Medicare recipients with Medicare advantage plans. Little did Humana know this would be excellent practice for developing their individual and family business in 2014.

Currently, it is believed that HumanaOne will offer coverage through the exchange (Obamacare) in the following areas. Most are Federal operated exchanges, but some are indicated as state or partnership marketplaces:

Humana Exchange

If you do not live in these areas it does not mean Humana will not be offered. There is plenty of time for the carriers to still offer participation. However, it should be mentioned that currently the health insurance exchange is not open. So applicants can still apply with Humana at a preferred premium if one’s health is in good status. One of the current plans that is still selling very well in many markets in the Copay 70 Plan by HumanaOne. This plan is very popular in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Tennessee.

If you need to look in more depth at Humana’s products EasyToInsureMe has many pages dedicated to explaining them and we have free agent assistance by calling 877-305-9083.

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