Cigna Healthcare Insurance Plans for Individuals and Families

Cigna HealthcareInsurance is a headache to many individuals and families. Many people cringe at the idea of having to search online through endless health insurance plans. It is important for residents of California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas to know Cigna is an option for individual healthcare insurance.

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CIGNA a Solution for Individual and Family Health Insurance

Cigna health insurance has been made possible through years of practice and through the help of many organizations including: Connecticut Normal Business (CG) along with the Insurance provider of North America (INA). Under the guidance of Chairman and CEO H. Edward Hanway, this company is truly a leader in providing high quality medical insurance to consumers. It is considered one of the top five insurance providers in the healthcare industry.

Reasons to Select Cigna for Individual and Family Insurance

“Health is Wealth” and that is the most valued asset for everyone. All Cigna plans give you discount rates on services as well as 24/7 customer support. Cigna offers:

  • Open access and nationwide system of 500,000 doctors and 8,000 hospitals and facilities.
  • Flexibility to select individual health care insurance plans.
  • Personalized web service to help you locate health professionals as well as doctors, check your claim status, pay your premium, download forms and much more.
  • You’ll be able to review prices of medications, medical products, and services.
  • Free of charge -100% Preventive coverage for physicals and annual checkups.
  • Helplines staffed by trained nurse practitioners who are able to provide answers to your inquiries, available 24/7.
  • Home delivery services for most prescription drugs.

Cigna Insurance for the Self-Employed

Self-employed people usually are in a difficult arena, definitely not eligible for group coverage but certainly needing some type of affordable policy. The Cigna HSA has long been a popular provider of health insurance, and is an excellent selling plan in the Georgia health insurance marketplace.

CIGNA Standard

Over the years Cigna has acquired a number of doctors and clinics with huge networks of HMO, Point of Service, and PPO Open Access networks that give members access to quality doctors and facilities to diagnose correctly and provide top of the line care.

Cigna is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with satellite offices around the world. Cigna distributes its product or service through licensed agents and brokers.

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