New Health Insurance Reform News Blog Provides Much Needed Guidance

Online Health Insurance Comparison Website Easy To Insure ME .com is a news resource for the current events in health insurance reform and how the new laws will affect all Americans

Online health insurance comparison website,, recently unveiled a unique news source within the website with multiple posts focused on the landmark health insurance reform law recently passed through Congress. The bill stands to insure millions of Americans, and the company’s blog was created to be a valuable and much needed resource for Americans looking for more information on what the reform means for individual health insurance, family, and the self employed.

Easy To Insure ME .com keeps visitors up to date and relays the new laws in an understandable fashion so that Americans can understand in full what the future is going to be for health care in the USA.

“Insurance laws and regulations can be confusing, and the new health insurance reform bill is no exception,” said Chad Levin, President of Easy To Insure ME .com. “This new resource found at will help answer some of the biggest questions people are asking about health insurance reform.”

The Easy To Insure ME Health Reform news can be found at

Chad Levin added, “It’s important for consumers to remember that they shouldn’t wait to get health insurance coverage. Reform has passed, but many of the laws won’t become effective for a few years. Using online tools and consulting with a licensed agent is the best way to find an affordable plan right now.”

In addition, shoppers are looking for an advisor to talk with to better understand the plans available. Easy To Insure ME licensed agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for live conversations over the phone or through email.

Consumers can utilize the online portal found at to compare free health insurance quotes from top quality carriers including United Health One, Aetna, and many Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Tools at Easy To Insure ME enable shoppers to view quotes online instantly and apply online for coverage.

Easy To Insure ME .com also provides a hotline for shoppers who have questions about reform or want to discuss their current and future health insurance situation. The free hotline is available by calling 1-866-492-3905

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