Kansas Health Insurance Bills

Kansas health insurance : Kansas legislators returned to Topeka recently to begin the 2010 legislative session, and several Kansas health insurance related bills that carried over from the 2009 session are likely to be pursued by lawmakers.  These include bills concerning assignment of benefits, mental health parity, price transparency, and mandates to cover autism, oral chemotherapy drugs, colorectal screening, primary care services provided during cancer clinical trials, prosthetic devices, and others. At the end of the legislature’s opening day, Governor Mark Parkinson delivered his first and only State of the State address, calling for increases in the tobacco and sales taxes to close a $400 million budget gap. He also proposed a public smoking ban, the creation of an emergency fund, support for higher education and the development of a renewable energy corridor in the state. He made no reference to health reform. To date, only two new Kansas health insurance related bills have been introduced, both relating to telemedicine.

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