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Real user experiences documented from client and non-client satisfaction testimonials place Easy To Insure ME at the top of the list for client satisfaction and customer service.

Searching for health insurance is no easy job and most clients need to take care of their own job first. The easiest way is to find a convenient source for information regarding health insurance quotes for individual plans. On the internet, there seems to be many sources for individual health insurance quotes. However, very few websites will actually give the visitor real and accurate instant online health insurance quotes.

To make things easier for visitors, the sites that do offer individual health insurance online are the best resources for finding coverage. All tools are available to search every plan in the country instantly and research every benefit available to the applicant. Applying online is very quick and allows applications to be submitted starting the health insurance application process.

Processing, also known as underwriting, can be as quick as 24 hours or longer than a month. This depends on which health insurance quotes website was used and which carrier an application is submitted to. The best individual health insurance quotes website with the best plans on the market is Easy To Insure ME .com The difference is in the customer service. Nobody does what Easy To Insure ME does for their clients.

Owner Chad Levin states “Having the best customer service in the world is a hard measure to live up to. As long as you call when you are going to call and do what you are going to do, you are doing well. But if you can do more and provide knowledge and guidance that is where the service comes along.

In recommending plans I just think to myself about what I would want for my family. Personally, I like copay plans with a $2500 deductible. They are very affordable individual health insurance plans with copays for doctors, emergency room, prescription, and preventative care. That is what is important to me.”

Free services are available on all health insurance quote websites. Sites that have many different plans and carriers are called brokers. Brokers are paid by the health insurance carriers and not by clients that apply for individual health insurance through the website.

All carriers, brokers, and agents have the same exact prices and premiums. Prices and premiums are regulated by the government and cannot be changed unless voted on in congress. The difference is in the customer service and recommendations provided to help visitors decide what plan has the best benefits and lowest premiums.

Customer service and recommendations are very important in this process. In reality four hundred plans can be stripped down to four if working with a knowledgeable advisor.

Visitors at Easy To Insure ME say

Everything that was discussed, and all of policy/certificate information that I have read is OK. Thanks for double and triple checking. I remember you mentioning that you broker for 401s. Does it have to be a 401, or do you also deal with investments, etc. When I sell my present house I hope to get enough to have a nest egg and will need to put into something safe and with as high an earning yield as possible. Not a rush thing, just something for you (& me) to think about. Thanks again Chad, I could NOT have done it WITHOUT YOU!

I never fill out forms online because I am a computer programmer and I know I will get all kinds of spam. Your site enticed me to start searching for health insurance and to fill out the form and I didn’t receive any spam. Your site is designed perfectly for navigation and is very easy to use. When you called me earlier and emailed me back at 9 pm I realized I was dealing with a real person and not an online bot that sends out auto responses. I am very impressed. Also, the plan you got me is almost to good to be true.

Mrs. Stephenson
Thank you so much for following up with me every week letting me know the application status until my son’s application was approved.

Billy R.
You are a great salesman. You do what you say your going to do.

Mrs. Mercer
This is a great service you are providing and you are a very nice man. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much Chad for continuing to work with us to get me insured.
This United Health One plan looks good. I’ll take it!
I know I haven’t been a very easy candidate to work with so I want you to know that I do appreciate your determination and effort in helping me.

Your follow up routine is great. Thank you very much for following up on me.

The proposals you send are great they are so easy to read and understand. Great job and thank you so much for your help and guidance.

That was great customer service. You called me back before I even got to leave a voicemail.

Chad, Thanks for all your help in selecting my medical and dental benefits. It really was a timesaver for me.

Thanks again for all your help, U R THE MAN.

I read through many of the plans and had a difficult time deciding what one to take. You were helpful with the health insurance and helped me figure out the best plan with a low monthly rate and a moderate deductible.

That just seems amazing, compared to what we had before. With her generic meds at $15 copay, compared to about $47 that applied to a $600 annual deductible, that’s additional out of pocket savings of about $30 a month right off the bat. This is over $2,000 annual decrease in premiums.

I appreciate you being available for general questions. It really helps. I will definitely be recommending you to others.

I’m sorry I cannot accept the policy but you are great thank you for everything you have done for us.

Thanks for all of your help. Your service is excellent.

*(Full name not complete for privacy regulations)

The mission of Easy To Insure ME is to help Americans find affordable health insurance in the easiest way possible. Licensed advisors do this by shopping all carriers available to the client and picking out four plans that will provide the best benefits at the lowest cost to the consumer. Then an easy to read side by side recommendation of these plans is sent through email to make the process as simplified as possible.

Easy To Insure ME is not a lead generation website. Real licensed professionals are here to help clients make knowledgeable and affordable health insurance decisions. “Nobody does what we do for our clients.”

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