Nevada Health Insurance Exchange

Legislation to create the Silver State Nevada Health Insurance Exchange was introduced last week on the last day for bill introductions and has been referred to the Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Energy. No hearing has been scheduled. The bill contains the basic framework and governance structure for the health insurance exchange, and would require development of an implementation plan by the end of 2011. In its current form, the bill supports a market-based mechanism that would facilitate the purchase of insurance by individuals and small employers.

The Department of Public Health and Human Services held two stakeholder meetings to educate the public about health care reform, and gather feedback on how to establish a state insurance exchange. Presentations were made by Commissioner Brett Barratt and Bob Carey of the Public Consulting Group. The meetings provided an overview of the Nevada market, how the individual and small group market works today, and changes that will come in 2014 due to PPACA. Brokers in attendance raised a number of concerns, including how eligibility will be determined and the need for licensing and regulatory oversight of navigators.

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