U.S. Citizens Want Health Insurance Bill Scrapped

Recent polls show that American citizens do not approve of the current health insurance bill and see that it is already causing problems. Our people do not want government control of medicine.

A health care reform bill has turned into a demonizing of the health insurance industry. In fact, the industry makes minimal profits at about 3 to 4 percent. This is almost the same as super market profits.

Health insurance carriers are unsure and afraid of the future. Currently, many carriers are raising rates due to this fear. In addition, state social programs have began to dis-enroll or have stopped enrollment in plans for the needy.

The real problems are the prescription companies. In our current system, drug companies will make a deal with the government and then raise their prices. This in turn costs the health insurance carriers big money. They then have to raise prices as well.

A real health care reform would regulate the prescription companies, not the health insurance carriers. The carriers are simply responding to every other health care expense that is being brought to them and trying to provide great coverage at an affordable price.

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