Oklahoma Health Insurance Exchange

Gov. Mary Fallin is defending her efforts to create an Oklahoma health insurance exchange for uninsured Oklahoma residents, explaining that if the state does not have an exchange in place by 2013 the federal government will step in and create its own. Fallin discussed her support for legislation to help create the exchange just four days after a dozen demonstrators carrying signs and American flags protested her appearance before the Tulsa Health Underwriters Association. Her appearance came on the heels of her decision to accept a $54 million federal grant to implement a health insurance exchange. Opponents say creating an insurance exchange is a step toward implementing an unpopular federal health care overhaul law. The House has passed a measure to create an advisory board to help implement an insurance information exchange originally created by lawmakers in 2009. Part of the state’s Insure Oklahoma program to reduce the number of uninsured Oklahomans, the board would identify health insurance plans, what they cover and how much they cost.

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