Georgia Health Insurance Exchange

Governor Nathan Deal has announced that he will no longer pursue legislation to implement a Georgia health insurance exchange this session. In a statement, he said he favors waiting for an expedited ruling expected from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on the constitutionality of PPACA. The governor said he believes the court will affirm a lower court ruling against the PPACA.  In the meantime, he will create an advisory committee to study options for a health insurance exchange. Also, the Georgia Department of Insurance has applied to HHS for a waiver of the MLR requirements.

One thought on “Georgia Health Insurance Exchange”

  1. Aetna has lowered rates again in Georgia. Georgia was long owned by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, who truly dominated the Atlanta market by selling plans such as the SmartSense 2500 plan for affordable rates, and HSA plans. Over the years BCBS of GA lost thier footing and HumanaOne moved in and pulled huge market share in 2011.

    As of fall 2012 Aetna has lowered rates by HUGE amounts in Georgia and has decided Georgia will be a key state moving forward with healthcare reform. Aetna introduced a great deal of new plans and lowered the rates on older plans. With Obama re-elected and Obamacare moving forward, Georgia appears to be a state where private health insurance carriers can offer quality and affordable coverage.

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