Health Insurance After a Divorce

After a divorce is a highly critical time to make many important decisions. One of them is your health insurance. Being that you and your ex-spouse no longer share certain things you may lose your health benefits due to the divorce. In addition, if your ex-spouse is moving to another state you will still be able to maintain good health insurance coverage by shopping online for a new plan. If you were originally on an HMO plan and are leaving the state in which you reside you will need to get a PPO plan.

An HMO is restrictive in the network. You are only allowed to visit certain doctors within the network and that is usually only in your state. However, a PPO will allow you to receive health insurance services anywhere in the country if you or your ex happen to move out of the state due to the divorce. COBRA may also be an option, but is not a permanent solution and is very expensive.

We know this is a hard time in your life and are here to help. Please feel free to use Easy To Insure ME to shop for your health insurance needs. We will also be here by the phone wating for your call to answer any questions that arise.

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