Recent college grads have trouble securing health insurance

Months after college seniors have received their diplomas, they could find themselves without health insurance. With the current recession, there are fewer opportunities for college graduates to secure a job that offers health insurance.

Many young adults choose not to buy health insurance because they are not ill. There are options for people between the ages of 20 and 29 who are unemployed but want health insurance.

A person lookingfor health insurance should ask the following question.
“How much will the plan pay per occurrence or per lifetime? Thirty thousand dollars per occurrence may sound good, but that might pay for less than a week in a hospital. A $100,000 lifetime benefit may sound good for a policy you expect to have for only four years, but a major accident or illness can cost several hundred thousand dollars. A cheap policy may max out too soon.” People must also consider the doctors in the network offered by the health insurance plan, the deductible and the exclusions listed in the plan.

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