Where to get your Aetna Flu Shot

The flu season is very active this year and striking earlier than most seasons. Immunizing yourself and family with a flu shot is an easy way to protect love ones, co-works and the elderly. The flu is a contagious illness and at times can lead to hospitalization and death. As people age, it becomes more difficult for them to fight illness. Aetna health insurance members can get a flu shot for free at many locations. A flu vaccination can be obtained from your doctor or at public health clinics and many senior citizen centers also often offer vaccinations. Remember to bring your Aetna medical insurance card with you when you get your flu shot.

Who should always be vaccinated for the flu?

Most importantly those with chronic health conditions including asthma, heart disease, and lung disease, and those over age 65 should be vaccinated yearly.

Is it too late to get an Aetna Flue Shot?

By all means, if you haven’t had a flu shot, get one soon. Flu season doesn’t peak until late January or even February, so it’s worth getting the vaccine as late as February.

How can I reduce my chances of catching the flu virus?

Washing your hands with soap and water is one of the easiest way to avoid getting the flu. Avoiding toughing your face or putting your hands in your mouth is another easy way to avoid the flu. Drinking water regularly can also assist in fighting off the flu.

Where can I get my Aetna Flu Shot?

Here are some places that offer the flu shot at some of their locations: CVS, Hannaford Inc., Delhaize Pharmacies, HEB Grocery, Marc’s Pharmacies (OH and CT only), Mollen Immunization Clinics, QuickChek Pharmacies (only in NJ), Rite Aid Pharmacies, Safeway (Carrs- (AK), Vons (Southern CA), Pavilions (Southern CA), Randalls (TX), Tom Thumb (TX), Dominick’s (Chicago), Shoprite / Wakefern, SUPERVALU (includes Osco, Sav-on, CUB, Shop’n Save, Farm Fresh and Shoppers), Target Pharmacies, The Little Clinic, LLC, MinuteClinic Inc., RediClinic, Take Care Health Systems, LLC, Target Clinic Medical Associates Maryland, LLC dba Target Clinic (Clinics are currently located in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Virginia). To get your flu shot be sure to show your Aetna health insurance card.

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