Aetna Whole Health coming to Phoenix, Arizona

maricopa county arizonaAetna is in the process of releasing four new health insurance plans in Maricopa County Arizona. The plans also have new rates and many Arizonians will find these plans to be more affordable than their current coverage. This is the first of probably many plans to be introduced across the nation. The key to the plan pricing is due to the relationship with Banner Health Network. With Health Care Reform moving full speed ahead cost controlling plan designs are the key to offering affordable coverage.

Aenta and Banner Health Network Arizona

The Banner Health Network in Maricopa has numerous doctors and over twenty hospitals surrounding the Phoenix area. Many people are familiar with the level one trauma center, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. It is top of the line facilities, such as Good Sam, that make the Banner Health Network a truly high quality network to receive medical care. In early 2012 Good Samaritan was named one of the Nation’s 100 Great Hospitals. Now through Aetna Whole Health, you can access facilities such as these.

New Arizona Whole Health Plans by Aetna

Aetna is introducing for Whole Health plans in October 2012. Due to laws associated with the Arizona Department of Insurance, the Whole Health Policy is only offered to individuals and families in Maricopa County. The plans offered are:

  • Whole Health 1000
  • Aetna Whole Health 2500
  • Aetna Whole Health 3500
  •  Aetna Whole Health 5000

The Aetna Whole Health plans all have $30 copays for primary doctors and $50 copays for specialist. The deductibles range from $1,000 – $5,000. All the plans have 30% co-insurance. Like all Aetna policies, preventive coverage is 100% from day one. These plans also offer copays for generic and brand name drugs. These plans are offered in addition to the traditional Managed Choice Open Access plans that are offered by Aetna.

Is Aetna Whole Health Right For Me?

Aetna Whole Health is NOT the best plan for everyone. For example, someone who travels for work, may find other policies to offer larger network coverage. This plan would be best for people who spend a great deal of time in the Phoenix area. Young people who are currently uninsured, would be able to buy this plan at a great rate and still have great coverage. If you are in need of coverage,  you can begin your search with a quote on Arizona health insurance. Like all policies, we strongly suggest you call us at 877-259-6186 so we can check your doctors to make certain they are in the Aetna Banner Health Network.

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