Don’t just shop for one plan. Shop for every plan at the same time in seconds. There are so many carriers with great plans for Ohio health insurance that we recommend individuals call in while shopping and comparing the quotes on this site. The reason is because our advisors can guide you to the best plan in seconds that will contain every need and want you are looking for in your coverage.

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OH health insurance can become very simple in a matter of seconds with a short and simple phone call to our advisors. You see, some carriers deal with pre-existing conditions better than others or some simply may just have a better network. Our advice can help you from wasting hours trying to figure this whole thing out for yourself.

Ohio shoppers are looking for quality health coverage at reasonable rates. If you're in need of Ohio health insurance quotes or more affordable coverage, you will find everything you need to get started today and make the best decision for you and your family here at EasyToInsureME. Call in with any questions or concerns and chat live with licensed professionals.


Information from only one carrier is not the best way for finding the right coverage to fit your personal needs. You should be prepared with an assortment of information to decide if their coverage and plans are right for you. This is why EasyToInsureME provides online Ohio quotes to all of its visitors, instantly allowing you to view a diverse list of carriers and healthcare plans. After viewing quotes you will receive a custom recommendation via email and free phone consultation. Applying is only a step away with a ten minute call to us or by applying online directly through the online quotes. No other healthcare shopping site does this for their website visitors.


EasyToInsureME presents coverage to individual and family, with an assortment of Ohio plans from all of the high quality carriers in the state. We have greatly benefited shoppers in need of coverage with an incomparable variety and innovation to provide custom recommendations for every client picking the best plans at the lowest prices with the best benefits. Being a shopper for Ohio health insurance, you need a high depth knowledge and understanding of the healthcare market and a friend with the means of providing this information accurately. One who will attend to the sensitivity of personal needs for the shopper. Here at EasyToInsureME, we make sure consumers get the best deal for their money in every situation. No other brokerage does this for their clients.


An assortment of high quality plans for individual and family is offered from the most prominent Ohio companies. Easy To Insure ME provides you with free quotes instantly directly from the carrier, free phone consultations and allows you to compare plans and apply for health coverage online. We supply custom recommendations for each client picking the absolute best plans at the lowest prices with the best benefits available. Easy To Insure ME is the only healthcare shopping website that  will take  the the time to do this for their clients.

For individual, Family, and the Self Employed

Finding the best benefits may be intimidating or tricky for individual, family, or self-employed who do not receive healthcare coverage from a job. It can be difficult trying to find which benefits are right for you or what plans are going to provide the best match for your personal needs? With our online quotes from the carrier, free phone consultation, custom recommendations, and personal assistance we are able to provide you with the information and answers to all questions and input you will need to make the best decision for you. No matter what your needs, a family or self owned business, we will be here to aid you in finding a plan that fits your needs.

Exchange and Obamacare

The health insurance exchange or Obamacare is coming to Ohio in January 2014. Open enrollment will being Oct 1, 2013. We have many agents in Ohio that will be able to help Ohioans find the best plans available. Some people will love Obamacare but other will find Obamacare Rates in Ohio to be very expensive.

More to come later this year!

Personal Assistance

Easy To Insure ME gives its clients the assistance they need at all times. The help offered at Easy To Insure ME is the best in the country. After your free phone consultation and a ten minute application over the phone or online, we work directly with the carriers ensuring your application moves as quickly as possible through the review process in a few short days. Call to check the status of your application at any time. Even after your healthcare plan has been submitted and approved we will still remain your representation to your carrier and remain available to address your questions and concerns.

State Resources

Healthy Start Healthy family is the Ohio health insurance program for children and pregnant women, and it has existed since 1989. family must include a child under the age of 18.

For children alone there is (SCHIP) in Ohio.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
golden rule
health america
medical mutual
united health one

Health Insurance Quotes

Health Insurance Quotes

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Phone Consultations

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