United Health One

This is the official brand name of the United health insurance family of companies that offers individual health products. Golden Rule insurance is the underwriter and administrator of United Health One. With over sixty years of experience serving individuals and families, they provide high quality products, timely claims handling, and outstanding customer service. United Health One offers one of the most customizable plans in the country. With so many great options rather than same one over and over, you can be sure to find affordable health insurance for individual and family through this carrier.

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Optional Benefits include United Health One Dental and United Health One Vision.

Call 877-259-6186 to speak with a United Health One Agent. An agent can help you secure individual or family medical insurance at an affordable rate. Don't forget to ask about the new deductible credit. With United Health One it pays to be healthy!

United Health NEWS: 

Just announced! When selecting UnitedHealthOne private health plan with an effective date up through December 31, 2013, approved applicants can feel safe knowing their medical plan will stay the same until the end of December 2014. United Health One is the first carrier agreeing to these terms, many health carriers have been silent on the issue and may be discontinuing coverage, or changing health insurance benefits starting January 1, 2014. By doing this carriers could greatly up premiums and force you to pay more money.

The choice is simple, act now to avoid price increases associated with new health care reform benefits!

United Health Care

More than 70 million customers have entrusted United Health Care and United Health One for their individual health needs. With their networks and plans, clients have easy access to high quality care from physicians and hospital across all fifty states.

Golden Rule Insurance

Golden Rule Insurance is the underwriter and administrator for United Health One. United Health Care serves more than 26 million individuals and families nationwide. United Health One is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best, and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor's.

Reviews of United Health One

If you want to learn what people are saying about their coverage, visit the United Health One Insurance Reviews page. Or if you want to speak with someone directly, call 877-259-6186 to speak with a United Health One Agent.

United Health One Insurance- A Complete Health Care

With the constant rise on the health care costs, you might be seeking to save some money with your family's medical coverage. Though it’s necessary to invest in health insurance, sometimes the more moderately prices plans offer the best coverage for your family. This is where United Health One comes in.

United Health One Insurance has become one of the most reliable providers of healthcare in the market today. A lot of Americans have health insurance plan that is provided by their employer. These plans are usually by far the most affordable choice available, because the employer pays most of the costs. However, you may be in a job  where you realize that the insurance policy offered by your company isn't the most affordable option.
United Health One Insurance plans:

Copay plans are most common. They have a set fee or copay for an office visits and preventive care is covered 100%.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) incorporate a lower-cost, high deductible health insurance approach which has an added tax savings account that can be opened through your personal bank. HSAs let you spend less on monthly premiums. You can utilize the HSA account to pay toward your deductible. It is important to know your unspent funds roll over from year to year and receive interest at most banks.

United Health One is recognized nearly everywhere, and offer student health insurance with many participating universities. Nevertheless, if your university does not offer United Health One insurance then you can purchase a student insurance policy.
For decades, the United Health One Insurance carrier and its affiliates United Healthcare and Secure Horizons have also offered Medicare insurance strategies if you are 65 or above. They also have coverage for younger people who are disabled and on Medicare with several optional benefits.

United Health One insurance is one of the best carriers available. The internet is the best and easiest way to find out the available rates and different insurance plans that are available in your state.  Learning more about the insurance policies is the best way to save money and make certain your family has the coverage they need.

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