United Healthcare vs Blue Cross Blue Shield

health insurance plansWhen the focus is health care, the question becomes: Which health insurance plan is better – United Healthcare ( United Health One Golden Rule Insurance ) or Blue Cross Blue Shield?

It’s not an easy question to answer. Both plans are solid and comprehensive. Both plans generally deliver on a promise to provide the best in medical care and to cover almost everything. Both have a large network of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to take care of almost any health need. Both are recognized as offering solid, affordable health coverage to millions of Americans.

Those facts alone make the decision a difficult one. However, a close comparison of the two companies makes it easier to find the right choice. The biggest and most meaningful difference between United Healthcare  ( United Health One Golden Rule Insurance ) and Blue Cross Blue Shield is the company structure.

Founded in Texas and the oldest as well as the largest of health insurance companies, Blue Cross is made up of 39 individual, independent, and locally operated insurers that have joined under the trademark of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Health services are provided in all the 50 states, and they cover an estimated 99 million people. However, because each Blue Cross insurer operates independently throughout the nation, medical coverage is not always the same. Although Blue Cross Blue Shield strives to provide quality and affordable coverage, that depends to some degree upon the state where the health plans are offered, and they vary from area to area.

united healthcareIn contrast, United Healthcare ( United Health One Golden Rule Insurance, ) which was founded in 1977, is set up as one company nationwide. It provides such services as health, life insurance, disability, dental, pharmacy, and vision health plans in all 50 states. This united health one health insurance company serves about 70 million Americans, is found in more than 5,500 hospitals, and uses the services of nearly 700,000 doctors and other health care professionals, plus some 80,000 dentists.

United Health Care operates with subsidiaries such as golden rule insurance United Health One and the Golden Rule Insurance Company, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It offers the kind of insurance called a health savings account (HSA). United Health Care only endorses brand name health products.

With this one-company nationwide setup, control over the doctor-hospital network is tighter than with the Blue Cross approach. With tighter control, the insured can expect the same level of competency and coverage regardless of location. Therefore, even though both health insurers offer a high quality of health care to millions of Americans, the tighter control by United Health One & Golden Rule Insurance over its vast network and facilities throughout the country rate it the best buy in the important search for the best medical care.

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One thought on “United Healthcare vs Blue Cross Blue Shield”

  1. Hi. My husband and I have been with Golden Rule, happily, for almost 16 years. However, we have moved to Los Angeles and they no longer provide health ins. in CA except for group ins.

    We are eligible for group ins. through the LLC that we own.

    My question is this:
    Would you recommend we go with group ins. and stick with United Healthcare? Or should we switch to individual plans through CA Blue Shield?

    Thank you.

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